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FINALLY… a wire tree basket that truly benefits the nurseryman and field crews!

The wire basket was first used by nurseries in the mid 1960’s. With the exception of the continuous wire basket, the basic butt welded loop and ring style has remained virtually unchanged. Basket manufacturers had no reason to change the vertical loop, horizontal ring design, because nurserymen were willing to put forth the effort to crimp or pigtail baskets to achieve the right fit. This costly step became the accepted practice. However, as we all know, nothing remains static forever; change is inevitable, even in wire tree basket design.

NYP Corp, the company that introduced treated “NO ROT” burlap, brings you the Diamond Tree Basket™. This revolutionary, patented, geometric, diamond design will streamline your digging operation, enhance your packaged product, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your bottom-line!

After years of development, testing, and rigorous field trials at some of America’s premier nurseries, the Diamond Tree Basket™ is ready for market. Testing was performed in all soil conditions, and soil types. The most commonly used hydraulic spades; both old and new were used in our field test. Using the Diamond Tree Basket™, field crews dug and packed a wide variety of field grown trees and shrubs with great success. The results were conclusive , the Diamond Tree Basket™ outperformed the traditional loop and ring style basket in all key areas such as fit, finishing time, ball durability, ball lifting to load, and overall appearance.

 US PATENT: D807,130 | Canadian Industrial Design Registration: 172928

Diamond Tree Wire Basket